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Capella Cultural Centre's 25th Anniversay "A Night in Vegas"

in Local Area & Events

  25 January, 2018

Capella Cultural Centres 25th Anniversay

Let the lights, sounds, music and stories of Las Vegas come to you in this sensational high energy musical extravaganza which pays homage to the Legends of Vegas. 'A Night in Vegas' is where the Rat Pack meets the Crooners and Swooners and with a song lis

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Van Gogh's Sunflowers in Morton Park

in Local Area & Events

  13 January, 2018

Van Goghs Sunflowers

Reputedly the world's largest Van Gogh Sunflowers painting is located behind the Visitor Centre in Morton Park. The easel upon which the painting is mounted is 25 metres high. It is part of a concept by Canadian public artist, Cameron Cross, to erect seve

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